• Make those little repairs before you list

Paint need touching up? Carpets need cleaning? Yard a mess? Making simple repairs and improvements before listing can help buyers see that your home has been properly maintained. You might even consider repainting wildly colored walls a neutral shade and even replacing worn out carpet in order to freshen up your home’s appeal. 

  • Price it realistically from the start

Your home may be priceless to you, but be realistic about what someone else might think it’s worth. Consider comparable listings and recent sales in your neighborhood, what repairs or replacements your home may need and how motivated you are to sell before determining a starting price. Aiming high just to leave room for negotiation is sometimes a turn off for agents, and buyers.  

  • Throw in extras

It’s standard for homes to include ranges, dishwashers and some other appliances. However, throwing in other amenities such as refrigerators, washers and dryers and even riding lawn mowers can add value to your home – and may mean the difference between a buyer and a flyer.

  • Keep it clean and tidy

Every day your home is on the market it should look as if the cleaning lady just pulled out of the driveway. Keep your home picked up, clean and fluffed each time you walk out the door. You never know when a last minute showing will occur. Also, ask me about tips on staging your home to reflect a more inviting atmosphere.

  • Be prepared to negotiate

Chances are that you won’t receive your asking price. Buyers will be looking to purchase for the lowest amount possible. Be prepared to give in a little. And, you might even want to consider covering the closing costs if you think it’ll push the deal through. Bottom line, it’s important not to discount the value of a qualified buyer over a few thousand dollars.